> Final Evaluation

Looking back on the skills I previously set myself before starting the main section of my FMP, there are certain skills I am more confident in, as well as feeling they deserve a higher place in the chart.

Throughout the development process of my FMP, I believe myself to have developed in areas I suggested to myself I needed to work on before starting and during my project. These primarily include my understanding of audio engineering and the use of research. I also found further knowledge in my plugins, production knowledge, and technical problems skills.

The above mentioned skills were primarily developed during the demonstration videos process, due to myself needing to talk about the internal works of sound design in intricate yet understandable ways that will be easy for the audience to process.

> Final Evaluation

Looking back on my proposal, I am pleased with the videos I have produced in my practical work, as they have turned out well, however the time spent doing them has been disproportionate to the length of the video. I had not anticipated how long this would take, and should have had better planning at the start of the project.

I did keep looking at my proposal as a point of reference, but didn’t use the plan as well as I could have done. The research did help, and the Youtube videos I used acted as a good reference point when producing the practical work. The reason I used mainly Youtube videos in my research, was because I find it difficult to interpret large volumes of text, especially where technicality in music is discussed, as this can be hard to interpret through text alone.

The practical skills I demonstrated in my project includes being able to breakdown and explain intricate software in terms of music, most notable the likes of Serum and its oscillators, effects, and mapping. I have also been able to demonstrate my capabilities in sound design, as well as using my knowledge in sound design aspects to help develop my sounds further, resulting in unique and quality sounds.

The problem solving helped me examine the issues that I was encountering. These were mainly around written work and focusing on the aspect of the work. This has been an issue for me throughout the course, but I am now confident enough to produce short videos, as seen in my practical work to explain my technical knowledge.

Reflection has helped me understand where my strengths are, particularly with the likes of sound design aspects such as effects, modulation, and manipulation. This has also helped me find new traits to gain confidence in, such as being able to verbally discuss key elements of music production, as well as showing how research can further develop and influence my work.

In terms of what went well for my FMP, I believe my aim to clearly and thoroughly examine sound design, as well as the varied elements that it can bring, has been met with enough intricacy and detail for me to be pleased with the outcome. I believe my work could be shown to the likes of students and other avid learners of sound design, and be able to help explain aspects that may seem unexplained at first.

In terms of what could have been improved, I believe my choice in freelancing the voiceover in my videos, while a great way for me to vocalise and explain certain elements, was impaired by my stutter. Although this is something that can not exactly be easily changed, I recognise that when talking for some time about key parts, I may lose track of what I may be saying.

I also believe that the use of headphones for both the recording and sound design aspect would have greatly benefitted my FMP. Although I did have my previous pair of headphones at the start of the FMP development, I unfortunately lost them around 2 weeks in the main production of my FMP, meaning I had to rely on my desk speakers to develop and produce. Although my speakers are in no way bad speakers, they simply do not meet the same level of quality and accuracy my Audio Technica ATH-M50X’s could.

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